Foreword to The New Orthotext

This book is for everyone, regardless of their religious beliefs or practicing religion. It is a book using some Christian Semantics. These words are used to express universal ideas. The words used are words familiar with the Western Culture by which many have been raised. These words can be transferred as ideas according to your own particular understandings.

What is your concept of “The Eternal”? For what purpose do you exist? What do you know of this Magnificent Force and how do you relate to it? It is simple to refer to this absolute constructive force as “God”. Here is a word with which we all are familiar.

It simplifies understanding also to refer to this force as male, although “He” has totally no gender. Does Gravity or Electricity have a gender?

Could “God” be the entire world sciences rolled into one while He propels this world back to the eternity from which it came? What about the humans that inhabit this span of time; can the personal essence of each individual be eternal too? A word or phrase is needed to represent this collective human population. The use of the words, “Man, Men, or Mankind” simplifies expression.

Communication is another way of expressing “Word”. This God communicates with “Man” using a spirit built into Man which is like His own spirit. Can man plug into God at will like when using electricity? There is a constant communication from God to man going on within himself without man’s awareness. Man has eyes that see things and ears that hear things, and along with the feelings generated by what he is exposed to, and the instincts he compiles; all this information is Word. He assimilates and stores this for God to use. Can man get into this unconscious? How about Satan? Can he destroy what God has built? Are his powers equal with God’s powers?

So now with “God”, “Man”, and “Word” documented, let us move on to” Satan” or as some say, the “Devil”.

If there is a Constructive Force (God) always building, renewing, and advancing mankind, then according to the Laws of Physics there also must be an equal and opposite force at work destroying, decaying, and tearing down what was made good. This Destructive Force we call “Satan”. The good that God created, Satan is busy attempting to destroy. How does Satan accomplish this? What role does Satan play for mankind?

What follows hereafter are applications of these concepts and answers to these questions.

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